Energy Healing

I am a channel of Healing Energy as well as an Intuitive Coach.  I help promote calm, clarity and peace. I offer Energy healing sessions, Power talks and a combination of the two services.  These services help with anxiety, feeling stuck, physical and emotional pain. Book a session and clear out your mind, body and soul. You will feel amazing!


An Energy Healing session is a deeply meditative, healing and uplifting experience. It heals your body, mind and soul. You will be connected to your Spirit and possibly with Spirits that have transitioned.  You will be on your back on a massage table, fully clothed and I channel the energy through your chakras (energy centers) and other parts of your body. I lightly touch different parts of your body. You are guided into a meditative state after a few minutes and leave you in the meditation as I continue running the healing energy through your body. Most people do not want to come back from the meditation/state. It is an experience like no other!


Energy Healing is a wonderful & all natural healing experience. body and soul. This healing modality is uplifting, freeing and relaxing. Sessions last about an hour. Energy Healing  has changed my life and I know it will change yours.


60 Minute Energy healing session: $75

45 minute Energy healing session with 45 minutes of Intuitive Coaching: $125 (Best option)

Anything over the allotted 45 min. for the Intuitive Coaching will be charged accordingly. 


60 minute Intuitive Coaching: $88

Intuitive Coaching-A discussion on changing your perspective so that you claim your existing power and live your life free of the baggage that you have been carrying around most of your life. Sometimes it just takes shifting your perspective to alleviate and heal your current struggles. This has become very popular and very beneficial! These talks have helped both teens and adults. 

Nothing will change until you do.


Contact me when you are ready! Please specify what service you will be booking when making appointment.


"Reiki is a wonderful & all natural healing experience.

Most recently tried REIKI for the first time in my life. I wasn't sure what to expect or how the hour would go. To my surprise I was introduced to an experience that has forever changed the way I view many things.

Reiki is a wonderful & all natural healing experience. I encourage you to take a look into what REIKI is and how it works and how it can help the body and minds energy find its way."

Benefits of Reiki


  • Eases aches & pains of all types

  • Relaxes muscles & tension

  • increases energy

  • relieves fatigue

  • strengthens natural self-healing processes

  • promotes sleep

  • clears toxins

  • balances energies


     Emotional & Mental:

  • relaxes the body & mind

  • promotes feeling of calmness and well-being

  • relieves stress

  • encourages emotional release

  • helps unlock suppressed feelings

  • soothes emotional distress

  • promotes a peaceful and positive outlook